Network of notarization

Every HDSB can notarize the main chain through anchoring.
Also, a dedicated test network is provided for developers so that it can be tested on smart contracts.

T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 comes with a main chain on which every HDSB can anchor. The HDSBs use the main chain to notarize the hashes of the block regardless of their functioning, this way guaranteeing more flexibility and scalability to the system. Based on the assigned consensus algorithms, validator nodes certify the blocks in the blockchain and entitle the miners to the chain certification. 

Trinci Blockchain Technology

Node overview

Service Nodes, Validation Node

The validator and service nodes in the network are identical but distinct, meaning that each node identifies with its own public key.

Validator nodes must be equipped with a Trusted Platform Module, which generates the public key responsible for the transactions’ signature.

Trinci nodes
Trinci Blockchain Technology

Alpha Network

The higher validating network Alpha comprises validator nodes which subordinate the anchoring of blocks belonging to network Beta.

Beta Network

Beta networks comprise validator nodes and service nodes. These hardwares are technically and virtually identical. It is the shared consensus algorithm to establish univocally, deterministically and unpredictably the validators of the next blocks. Every HDSB stands out for a specific network configuration, that is for the file defining its dynamics:

- Size of the block
- Frequency in closing blocks
- Consensus algorithm
- Smart contracts
- Nonce
- Core version

Trinci Blockchain Technology

If you are a developer, you might be interested in...

All T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 certified developers are provided with a test network comprising all property nodes owned by each developer.

The test network is specifically designed for the developer, so that they can test smart contracts and see how they respond before being executed.

Assets for the execution of the transactions are released on demand and they have no value outside the Testnet.

Test blockchain is constantly reset and cleaned so that it can be always clear and no performance degradation can be experienced. 

Trinci Blockchain Technology

Want to get involved?

If you want to become a certified developer and get the node to access the test net, subscribe to the T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 Blockchain training and integration course.

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